Posted on Nov 17, 2017

Kodi is a great program and am sure the add-on developers will work out there issues, interested to see V18...

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Wifi Dead Spots

One of the biggest problems today with everyone working from home that I hear is "My wifi is slow in different areas of my home".
I came across this little app to find where the dead spots are with your wifi so you can address them with things like pods or wifi extenders placed in the proper areas of your home, Just A Bit does not endorse this app o...

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Trying out the new Google Duo

/**/ I'm sure at one time we have all tried Skype, Hangouts, Face-time or even Facebook video calling, I am presently trying out the new Google Duo and am actually happily surprised with the video and audio quality. Most other video calling programs are choppy, inaudible or drop the call all together. Duo is relatively new but has a lot of potentia...

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